Tree Talks: How to inhabit public space?

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15. 06. 2023
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Technická 3, 160 00 Praha, Česká Republika
Maker Institute a Vektor Technická

🌳📚 Tree Talks: Architecture, Urban Planning, and Public Space 🏙️🌳

Join us for the second captivating lecture of the Tree Talks series, hosted as part of Vektor Technická — an initiative transforming Technická Street into a community and culture gathering place! 🌿🌇 This time, we delve into the complex world of architecture, urban planning, and public space. 🏢✨

📅 Date: 15.6.2023
⏰ Time: 17:00
📍 Venue: Vektor Technická, Outdoor Lecture Room (next to Technická 3)

In this session, we’ll explore the relationship between architecture, urban planning, and the creation of vibrant public spaces. 🌇✨ Our expert speaker(s) will share insights into innovative design concepts, sustainable practices, and the importance of fostering community engagement. 🏗️🌳

Whether you’re an aspiring architect, urban planner, or simply curious about the transformative power of public spaces, this lecture is not to be missed! 🌟

Bring your friends, family, and an open mind as we learn, discuss, and envision the future of our cities together. 🌆🗣️✨

Don’t forget to mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information about our speaker(s)! 🎟️🔖

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