Green Cities – Resilient Cities

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02. 04. 2022
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PHALA – IFLA EUROPE ‘Green Cities – Resilient Cities’ Symposium 2 April 2022, Athens and online 10.30 – 14.30 EEST (GMT+2)!

April is World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM) and in order to celebrate the meaning and multiple services landscapes provide to mankind, but also to emphasize the importance and value of ‘green’ and ‘resilient’ cities, the Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects (PHALA – Greece) and IFLA Europe, the European region of International Federation of Landscape Architects are organizing jointly a one-day Symposium ‘Green Cities – Resilient Cities’.

Cities occupy only 3% of the total earth’s epidermis, they are increasing and remain the most favorable anthropogenic habitat and the epitome of human intelligence and craftsmanship. Yet, the human city habitat, unique and different from all other species’ homes, with its geometrical morphological design and advanced social complexity, needs to reconsider its relationship to mother nature so it can become more resilient and planet friendly. Landscape architecture is the science, art and technique that traditionally makes an effort in providing solutions for interconnecting cities with nature. Ecology, sustainable development, resilience, green infrastructure and nature-based solutions are similar terms describing fields where Landscape Architects feel comfortable and can make a real contribution. Ecological planning and design which provide high quality living outdoor spaces of strong social value and all kinds of infrastructure that utilize the wisdom of the natural world, can be recruited by landscape architects, for the creation of climate resilient, healthy and livable cities and ought to be incorporated in all future spatial strategic plans and policies.

PHALA and IFLA Europe bring together an interdisciplinary team to talk about Green and Resilient Cities and invite you to join the event either via physical presence or via internet connection.

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