Landscape Biennial Barcelona

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27. 09. 2021
Délka akce:
do 2.10.2021
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COAC/UPC/MAP Barcelona
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The Biennial of Landscape Architecture of Barcelona claims to be both a catalyst for doubt and a driver to illusions and changes in the field of Landscape Architecture.
International Biennial of Landscape Architecture
Since its first edition, International Biennial of Landscape Architecture has expressed its desire to intently study and discuss landscape interventions, as much from the perspective of landscape architecture as from other disciplines linked to its study and evolution.
The Biennial has been consolidated on a European scale in its seven previous editions: “Remaking Landscapes” (1999), “Gardens in Arms” (2001), “Only with Nature” (2003), “Landscape: a Product / a Production” (2006), “Storm & stress” (2008), “Liquid Landscape” (2010) and “Biennial versus Biennial” (2012); during the last tenth​ and ​nineth editions, the Biennial has unveiled new landscape realities through the internationalization of its Rosa Barba Landscape Prize.
With “A Landscape for You”​ (2014) and “Tomorrow Landscapes” (2016),​ Biennial opened itself to international landscapes for the first time. After “Perfomative Nature” (2018), on 2020-21 the motto is “Climate Change, again: City and Nature”.
Biennial includes talks, presentations by those finalists competing for the Rosa Barba Landscape Prize, and International Landscape School Prize, presentations, exhibitions and samples from which we be able to track and discuss the evolution of landscape architecture world.
NEXT EDITION: 11th Barcelona Landscape Biennial: Climate change, again: City and Nature.
ONLINE and FREE. Registration required.
Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize and International Landscape School Prize, by Fundació Banc Sabadell.
150 150 Landscape Biennial Barcelona 2021-09-13